Who Am I and Why Bestonlinecasinoghana.com?

My name is Wilfred Walker, but friends call me Big Will. I am the epitome of what you’d call a ‘seasoned gambler’. Mine is an insider’s view to the extent to which I’ve been around casino games and have played them for a good many years.

Wilfred Walker – Founder of Bestonlinecasinoghana.comWhen I am not busy gambling, I like to take a breather and put my thoughts on paper, analyze, and strategize against the house. I’ve always had a penchant for numbers and a keen eye for detail. These two have been insturmental for my success as a punter. Now I am gladly sharing my methods and tips.

I wanted to translate my skills and experience into a new project that would help thousands (and why not even millions) of gamblers to-be. Kicking around ideas and gambling at the same time has put me in the right mindset to take action with my long-postponed project.

This is how the idea of Bestonlinecasinoghana.com was born on a sunny Saturday while I was raking in a third consecutive pot in a game of blackjack at the local casino. I took to it instantly – an informative website for punters just like me. There wasn’t and still isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind this is going to be big.

What’s in it for You

I feel deeply motivated to keep abreast of the latest in gambling. If there’s an industry you don’t want to play the catch up game, that’s the gaming industry. Bestonlinecasinoghana.com is organized so as to give you up-to-date information on the things that matter the most from a punter’s perspective.

Being exposed to the best and worst of the gaming industry, I know how to distinguish between the two. The demand for such differentiation is bigger than ever, now that online casinos keep popping up with a rapid pace. If you think, there aren’t nearly enough casino pundits to keep things in check, I’d agree.

Bestonlinecasinoghana.com Here, you can find not only casino reviews, but also informative guides and ‘how-tos’. In other words- the tools you need for better gaming. Of course, it is important to note that self-imporvement is an essential part of my vision.

The site will keep evolving in the long, which, hopefully, will lead to you doing the same. It’s my earnest hope that my site covers everything you want to know about online casino and there’s a very good chance of that

Do You Have a Question for Me?

Do you want to share your fascination with Bestonlinecasinoghana.com with me? Maybe I raised more questions than have given answers? In any case, I’d like to hear from you and get back to you with an answer if needed. Fill in the blanks in the form below with your name, e-mail address, and message and click SEN.

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